Ballroom A – Breakout Segment C

Ballroom A – Breakout Segment C

Presenter 1: Shannon Shepherd

Digital Photography

This will be for my Visual Arts 11, III/IV students (58 students) Most immediate and directly affecting them going on to college, vocational school, and/or even real world in that some will go to work right after high school. First, we will gather information and research digital photography and how it is used and various aspects that they will need to become proficient. Second, learn by doing and figuring out these techniques and creating quality products/digital images. Third, self and class critiques -reflections. In addition, students will submit digital art to various art competitions and also will use show at school during open house. Finally and most importantly students will have gained valuable experience doing digital photography that influences what they do in the future.

Presenter 2: Autumn Chapman & Kelly Mahon

Airbrush Scenes

Presenter 3: Rebecca Potter

Using Podcasts to Activate Student Learning and Motivation

In this project, students will create podcasts. They will be trained in the use of audio equipment and audio editing software. Students will attend training seminars from the AppalShop. I am hoping that by creating their own podcasts, students will build valuable critical thinking skills, as well as speaking/listening skills. They will work on individual projects as well as a group project in conjunction with Dr. Michael Melton.

Presenter 4: James Dawahare & Kaila Zacarias

Pikeville High School Student Senate Plan

Presenter 5: Laura Hansen

Fast Food or Fricassee?

I surveyed my students to see how often they ate Fast Food each week and if they had a family history of Diabetes, Hypertension, or Cardiac disease. The question of the project is if students learn to cook food with less salt, fat, and calories will they eat Fast Food less often. We will be using Instant Pots and Air Fryers.

Presenter 6: Annette Ward & Haridas Chandran



Presenter 7: Paul G Blazer Community Challenge Team